This March I
spoke on the seventh edition of TEDxMarrakesh 2019 at the Es Saadi Palace. This year’s theme was: WE ARE THE WORLD – IDENTIFYING IDENTITY!

Growing up with a Dutch mother and an Iranian father, navigating in between distinctively different cultural contexts has always been a second nature. My career started in the realm of architecture and urban design; acting as international business development manager for Rem Koolhaas’ Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) and its multidisciplinary think tank AMO.
Being an intercultural connector with a passion for identifying synergies, I specialise in liaising between The Netherlands and the MENA region.

As a MENA-NL liaison I drive social impact innovation and multi-stakeholder initiatives between the Netherlands and the MENA. Curating public-private coalitions to enhance societal resilience based on sustainable business cases being my forte. Coalitions for Impact by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Society Impact reflects this drive to enhance societal and economic resilience in the MENA region by intensifying public-private synergies between The Netherlands and the MENA.

As co-founder of ZINC Foundation I aim to raise awareness for the 290 million invisible children worldwide and provide these children with resilient identities through tech for humanity. By acting as ZINC’s spokesperson and ambassador I combine my relevant network, liaison and public speaking background to create sustainable partnerships and achieve UN SDG 16:9; a legal identity for all children. Additionally, I also act as a conference moderator and public speaker, of which my talk at TEDx Marrakesh (March 2019) is a recent example.

Being a mother of 3 young boys myself, improving the world for the most vulnerable and underserved children is my ultimate drive and passion. Acting as a Member on the Advisory Board of Thaki Foundation furthers my motivation in assisting vulnerable children, sustainable initiatives and MENA-NL collaboration. Thaki’s mission is to provide refugee and other vulnerable children in the Middle East with the basic human right of education by repurposing donated corporate e-devices with preloaded educational content to help children who have little or no access to formal education, gain access to better educational content, learn digital literacy and thrive.

Apart from my professional activities and dedication I love museum visits with my children and architecture, interests that are also reflected in my role of Advisory Board Member of The Hague’s iconic Kunstmuseum. A museum of which I cherish fond childhood memories, being a fourth generation The Hague city dweller.  

Since my activities cover a wide spectrum, this website attempts to offer more insight into my areas of interest and expertise. Interested in collaborating? Don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Usually not a supporter of sharing glimpses into my personal life, but I wanted to share this picture of me and my 3 sons. My driving forces, the ones that make me want to become a better version of myself every single day, the ones that dazzle me with their authentic, pure interpretation and unfiltered vision of the world around them…and the ones I aim to set an example for. Sincerely hoping that their generation will no longer have to enter into endless debates and discussions about #diversity, #inclusion and #genderequality …nor face #gendergaps and #bigotry at the workplace….Merely due to the simple fact that they grew up watching their dedicated mothers, aunts and carers follow their unrestricted ambitions and achieve their goals whilst maintaining and embracing their femininity, cultural identity, dignity and pride.

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