Eloquessence Consultancy

Is your NL based company or organisation exploring opportunities in the MENA region, or are you a MENA based organisation seeking to establish relations in The Netherlands for future endeavours? Eloquessence Consultancy offers a range of advisory services, all geared towards enhancing multilateral and business relations between NL and the MENA.

Business Development | Foreign Investments | Social Impact Innovation

Being an intercultural connector with a passion for identifying synergies, I specialise in liaising between The Netherlands and the MENA region. Guiding investors and startups in cyber security, Blockchain tech on their endeavours between NL and the MENA.

The desire to implement my thorough understanding and knowledge of the Persian and Arab language and culture within a business context led me to founding Eloquessence Consultancy. As an independent consultant I initially focused on the post-sanctions (end 2015) Iranian Oil&Gas / Energy Transition market. From thereon I shifted my focus to the wider MENA region, with particular focus on cyber security and blockchain developments.

For more information please visit:

  • https://eloquessence.com/
  • https://www.linkedin.com/company/eloquessence-consultancy/about/