This is me…

Passionate about empowering a new generation of feminine leadership, through identity empowerment and ancestral wisdom. A firm believer that solutions to the challenges that many individuals, organisations and societies are facing today can be found in ancient tribal wisdom. A life-long learner and researcher, always reading a least 2 books at a time and perpetually getting lost in research articles.

I am also an intercultural, strategic connector with a passion for identifying unforeseen synergies.

50% Dutch 50% Persian. 100% proud solo mother of 3 teenage sons.

Fluent in Dutch, English, Farsi, Spanish and impact diplomacy. On a conversational level: Arabic, French and German….

This is what I do…

As a keynote speaker and guest lecturer I cover topics such as feminine leadership, identity empowerment and corporate anthropology. On request, I share my vision on D, E & I from a design thinking perspective.

As a moderator I facilitate symposiums as well as complex stakeholder dialogue sessions. My background in constructing multidisciplinary consortiums (at OMA/AMO, architecture/urban design), contract negotiations (between Dutch and MENA based companies), as well as catalysing public-private coalitions for social impact (Coalitions for Impact) have equipped me with an unique array of knowledge and competencies to successfully take any multilayered stakeholder impasse to a next level. Public and private clients I have worked with commend me for my:

  • excellent communication skills
  • stakeholder diplomacy
  • in-depth subject knowledge
  • ability to connect organisations and individuals
  • professional presentation style combined with flair and humor  

An example of a client’s feedback on my role as moderator during a complex stakeholder dialogue conference: Certainly, this conference was a very challenging task for any facilitator. But Safiyeh made it work with incredible tact, wit and grace. Safiyeh has a natural gift for communication, which combined with deep emotional intelligence, allows her to bridge cultural and hierarchical differences and to seamlessly facilitate dialogue on challenging issues. She has a remarkable empathy and can easily adjust the flow of the conversation to ensure engaged communication and a sense of ease for all those involved in the discussion

As a mentor, I work with women of colour, on the intersection of cultural identity, professional leadership and personal development through the nush:u mentorship programme. Acting as an external sounding board for professional women of colour, empowering them to unlock their full potential, reaching their aspired roles as their authentic selves, not despite of their multi-faceted identities but because of their multi-faceted identity and unique origin story.

As co-founder of the human-innovation design collective Asei-Salehi I work together with Steven Asei-Dantoni Nkué on re-imagining systems and constructs within organisations through human innovation and corporate anthropology. Putting humanity at the core of business to improve employee wellbeing, team cohesion, retention and performance.

Board positions

Member Advisory Board Kunstmuseum Den Haag

Providing strategic advice to The Hague’s most iconic art museum on challenges inherent to evolving into a truly inclusive, future-proof cultural work of art. My personal connection with the museum and the city of The Hague (my three sons being 4th generation avid (Kunst) museum visitors and 5th generation The Hague born dwellers) is reflected in my role of Advisory Board Member of the Kunstmuseum. 

Member Advisory Board Thaki Foundation

Providing refugee and other vulnerable children in Lebanon with the basic human right of education. Thaki Foundation is a non-profit organisation that repurposes donated corporate e-devices with preloaded educational content to help children who have little or no access to formal education, learn digital and financial literacy and thrive. As Member of its Advisory Board I support Thaki on enhancing relations with Dutch public and private stakeholders, expanding its network and providing advice on corporate donorship strategies.   

Member of the Board ROSE stories Academy

Giving a voice to underrepresented communities by creating a pluriform landscape of stories, scenarios and books that allow for a more accurate portrayal of today’s culturally diverse society. A young foundation, with big ambitions located in The Hague, addressing the lack of representation of culturally diverse younger generations in various forms of art and storytelling.

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