Benno Tempel – Directeur Kunstmuseum

February 2, 2023

It is with pleasure that I write this recommendation for Safiyeh as a moderator. During my time working with her, I was consistently impressed by her dedication, professionalism and skill.

Safiyeh is an extremely driven individual who comes to every moderating opportunity well-prepared and ready to tackle any topic. She has a great ability to make sensitive subjects approachable and discussable, and is able to navigate complex and potentially contentious issues with ease.

One of Safiyeh’s greatest strengths is her ability to manage panel discussions with respect for everyone’s expertise, while maintaining the dynamic and keeping the conversation flowing. She is able to steer the discussion in a productive direction without ever disrupting the flow or causing discomfort among the participants.

In addition to her moderating skills, Safiyeh is also a gifted communicator with a great sense of humor. She knows when to add humor to keep the audience engaged and put speakers at ease. Her ability to connect with the participants and create a comfortable atmosphere is truly remarkable.

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