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February 16, 2023

Turn The Tables – Keynote Fusion Experience with Moroccan Gnawa Percussion, Persian Dance & Poetry

“Someone will remember us in the future,” poetess Sappho from ancient Greece wrote. It is one of the few lines of poetry that has survived from the work of this important, yet unknown artist. There is still a lack of (intersectional) representation of women in the media, on stage and in historiography.

In this edition of Turn the Tables, Raja Felgata and Safiyeh Salehi Mobarakeh delivered a unique keynote experience infused with dance and poetry. The topic of the keynote talk centred around the life lessons and wisdom of our female ancestors in relation to contemporary leadership and female representation.  During a round table talk following the keynote speech they explored where we stand on intersectional women’s representation and what the next steps will be in this quest.

The Turn the tables program is inspired by the (intersectional) feminist works The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago and Guess who’s coming to diner too? by Patricia Kaersenhout.

Listen to the podcast reflection on the program (Dutch spoken)

Testimonials from the audience

A keynote delivery unlike any other; I could have listened and watched you for hours”

“The combination of dance, music and knowledge and wisdom was captivating from the first moment and incredibly original”

“Your talk and performance touched me on many levels and took me on a journey of introspection relating to my own female ancestors and their untold stories

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Keynote speech
Audience(appr 60) visitors of the International Theatre Amsterdam / Stadsschouwburg
ThemeAncestral wisdom & female leadership

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