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November 10, 2017
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I had the pleasure to work together with Safiyeh during the SPE- Women in Energy 2017 event, which brought together senior leaders and professionals from the oil & gas industry. It was important for the organizing committee that the event does not follow a typical one-directional flow of information between the leaders and the public, but rather allows for an interactive, open discussion between the guests and the audience throughout the entire program. Certainly, not a typical event and a very challenging task for any facilitator. But Safiyeh made it work with incredible tact, wit and grace. Safiyeh has a natural gift for communication, which combined with deep emotional intelligence, allows her to bridge cultural and hierarchical differences and to seamlessly facilitate dialogue on challenging issues. She has a remarkable empathy and can easily adjust the flow of the conversation to ensure engaged communication and a sense of ease for all those involved in the discussion. It was a great event and a memorable day, which would not have been possible without Safiyeh’s masterful skill. I look forward to the opportunity to work together with Safiyeh again! 

D. Westerwaal,
Royal Dutch SHELL
Research Scientist Advanced Energy Storage

For more information about the SPE Leadership in Transition event please visit:

conference moderator
ClientSHELL / Association of Petroleum Engineers @ The Hague
Audience200 representatives from the Energy sector, with a focus on female leadership
ThemeWomen In Energy
Topicsenergy transition
female leadership
diversity & inclusion in the energy sector and digitalisation

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