Feminine Leadership inspired by Ancestral Wisdom

October 17, 2022
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Re-imagining a new system. How the untold origin stories and life lessons of our female ancestors can shape our leadership journey

A keynote speech together with Raja Felgata on how the legacy, wisdom and life lessons of our female ancestors can empower our leadership journey. Feminine leadership is key to transformation and sustainability. Now more than ever, the world is in need of leaders who lead based on intrinsic values, with respect to people, nature and technology. No short-term pursuit of profit, but a long-term vision, aimed at the generations far beyond us. The lessons and wisdom of the generations behind us provide invaluable nurture and inspiration, lessons that cannot be found in any management book.

Patriarchy has been the dominant social structure for thousands of years – which damaged men too. It is time to re-imagine a new system, leveraging the feminine strenghth and energy to bring balance and elevate humanity.

Value-driven leadership, inspired by lessons from our ancestors forms an essential element in my nush:u mentorship programme, as well as in workshops with students and young professionals. In the journey of identifying one’s core values, I also integrate exercises to uncover the life lessons that were passed down by one’s ancestors and their origin stories.

Because a woman powered by ancestral wisdom is an unstoppable force!

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keynote speech
EventFemPowerYourGrowth – 2 day event
Audience80 female founders/investors 
Theme feminine leadership
Topicsfeminine leadership
ancestral wisdom

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