Ubuntu & identity empowered leadership

April 7, 2022

Ubuntu-Nu:shu workshop on Ubuntu & identity empowered leadership – SV. Tribez & The Hague University of Applied Sciences

sv The Hague University of Applied Sciences

A unique workshop focusing on Ubuntu leadership and identity empowered leadership through ancestral wisdom, facilitated in collaboration with Ubuntu expert and social innovation designer Steven Asei-Dantoni for Student Association Tribez at The Hague University of Applied Sciences.


A Bantu term meaning “humanity.” It is often translated as “I am because we are,” or “humanity towards others”. The Ubuntu-Nush:u workshop was about leadership & community. How do we create a culture of harmony, prosperity and success, of true democracy; of cooperation and interdependence; and of trust and pride in humanity and in each other. This workshop centered on human interaction, on empathy, creativity, communication, collaboration & inclusion.


Inspired by the 19th century ‘Secret Language for Women’ called nüshü. This secret language was spoken and written by women only, allowing women from the Chinese Hunan province to write poetry and stories, and communicate with “sworn sisters,” bonds between women who were not biologically related. A secret language, transmitted from (grand) mother to daughter. In Farsi, Safiyeh’s mother tongue, ‘nush’ means to nurture you.

nush:u is all about unlocking ancestral wisdom that was passed down from generation to generation, allowing young women of culture to navigate today’s life-choices.

nush:u catalyses identity empowered leadership; showing up fully as you are – without compromising.

This workshop took participants on a journey to identify their personal values, by uncovering their ancestral heritage. Participants will left the session with confidence, renewed insights and a nurturing self-strategy.

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Workshop facilitator
LocationThe Hague University of Applied Sciences
Audience60 international students Leader-Shift minor track 
ThemeUbuntu & identity empowered leadership
ClientSV. Tribez & The Hague University of Applied Sciences
TopicsUbuntu leadership, Nu:shu, ancestral wisdom, communicty

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